The Early Shift

Posted by vriz on 04/28/2009

early-shift_thumbnail.jpg China is pirating everything: sweet Israeli oranges, iPhones, and the original Rolls Royce model, the Phantom.  Equally phantom is the enforcement of copy-right laws in China.  Oh, sweet irony! Since G.M. offered up new plans of reorganization yesterday, every major newspaper offered its own take on the matter. The New York Times emphasized that the automaker will become significantly smaller as a result of the reorganization.  The Wall Street Journal went through the details of the proposed ownership structure of G.M., for instance the U.S. government's proposed ownership stake of 50%.  However, the very word "nationalization" was never uttered.  The Washington Post went right to it in its headline, "GM's New Road Map: Partial Nationalization." And USA Today lamented the looming loss of dealers, additional jobs and the Pontiac brand. To debate or not to debate?  That’s the question on climate change.

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