• aburke
• 03/22/2012

Volkswagen Group of America's Chattanooga Operations announced today that the company is creating an additional 800 new jobs at its Tennessee manufacturing facility.

These jobs were created as a result of growing demand for the new U.S.-made Passat, and will add to the 200 new positions added at the plant earlier in the year.

• Anonymous
• 02/09/2012

What happens when China employs a host of illegal trade practices?  According to three reports released last week, American industry suffers—and American workers lose their jobs.

• Anonymous
• 02/02/2012

During last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama said that his blueprint for economic recovery begins with American manufacturing, and called upon American companies “to bring manufacturing back.” He also  demonstrated a similar fervor for "Keeping it Made in America" during a January manufacturi

• Anonymous
• 01/26/2012

Good news for Cleveland, Ohio: ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company, announced plans to reopen a portion of its steel plant in an area of Cleveland known as the Flats, reports the Plain Dealer.The company will hire 150 new work

• Anonymous
• 01/19/2012

Mayville Products Corp, a metal fabricator, plans to close its factory in Mayville, Wisconsin, leaving 130 workers without jobs, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal:

“The sheet metal fabricating plant, 403 Degner Ave., is expected to permanently close on March 30.

“We are very sorry that business conditions have forced us to take this action,” the notice states.”

• Anonymous
• 01/12/2012

Yesterday, President Obama gathered about a dozen businesses and many more experts at the White House to strategize about bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. Bruce Cochrane, owner of Lincolnton Furniture was among the President’s guests, and Cochrane's company is a shining example of how it’s possible—and lucrative—to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

• Anonymous
• 01/05/2012

Boeing Co. has announced that it will be closing its defense plant in Witchita, KS by the end of the summer, a decision that will cost more than 2,160 employees their jobs. The company plans to move future aircraft maintenance, modification, and support work to it’s San Antonio, TX plant, while engineering work will be moved Oklahoma City, reports CBS.

Boeing says the move is a result of recent budget reductions:

• Anonymous
• 12/08/2011

Ford Motor Co. announced this week a $128 million investment to retool an assembly plant in northeastern Ohio, protecting nearly 2,000 jobs and shifting production of medium-duty trucks to the plant from Mexico, reports AP.

• Anonymous
• 11/17/2011

Caterpillar (CAT), the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, has announced plans to move production of its line of compact machines from Japan to the US.

• Anonymous
• 11/10/2011

If you’re a fan of hunting, chances are you have a Buck Knife in your arsenal of gear. These iconic knives are proudly wielded by Americans from coast to coast, but for far too long many of these knives were shipped to the U.S. from a foreign manufacturer.

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