September 16, 2011 Headlines: China Reacts to Currency Debate, Another Recession Coming, and More

Posted by smorgante on 09/16/2011

Reuters: China refuses to let its currency appreciate and sounds off on the proposed legislation in Congress. 
WSJ: Should China use its currency power to bring the world out of recession? 
WSJ: It’s all but certain that we’ll hit another recession in the coming months. And Washington continues to do nothing to create jobs. 
Economists View: Why the recovery is slow (if at all existent). 
NYT: China continues to tighten its grip on rare earth mineral exports. 
Yes Magazine: Made in America is seeing a major comeback in old industrial cities: New York City and San Francisco. 
WSJ: Brazil takes action to protect domestic automakers. That’s called a “manufacturing strategy,” and it’s something we don’t have in the United States. 
Modeled Behavior: New York manufacturing worsened for the fourth consecutive month. 
WSJ: The Philly Fed only sees marginal manufacturing improvement. 
WaPo: Lead poisoning leads officials to shut down two factories in China. 

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