Scott Paul in POLITICO: "Deep dissatisfaction" with China's policies and U.S. government's "tepid" response.

Posted by scapozzola on 02/14/2012

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, expected to be China’s next president, arrives in Washington today.

In a new op-ed in POLITICO, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Executive Director Scott Paul says the Obama administration and international business community are "ready to go out of their way to make sure his visit is free of public controversy."

However, Paul wants Xi to know that the American public is greatly unhappy with China's predatory trade policies.

And there is also deep voter unrest about the U.S. government’s "tepid response" to Beijing's actions.

Paul's op-ed comes as the China debate gathers steam in the presidential campaign.  Blunt talk on China is newsworthy, and Mike Allen quoted Paul in this morning's POLITICO "Playbook":

“[W]e must… hold [China] to account for its currency manipulation, mercantilism and gross violations of trade obligations that are robbing us of jobs and wealth."

In his op-ed, Paul urged President Obama to hold China accountable for its currency manipulation, mercantilism, and gross violations of trade obligations:

Today, we are in a serious race with China over supercomputing, innovation and anti-satellite weapons technology. China is not merely the key U.S. supplier of cheap toys, clothing and electronics: Its government is also one of our foreign financiers. China achieved this status by defying the free market and its international obligations toward more open trade and investment.

Read the full op-ed in POLITICO.

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