The REAL Etch A Sketch debate…

Posted by aburke on 03/23/2012

Thanks to a single sentence uttered by one of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s aides, an iconic American toy has been SHAKING up American politics.

On Wednesday, Erik Fehrnstrom, a top Romney aide, compared his candidate's politics to an Etch A Sketch, telling CNN that "Everything changes…It's almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again."

Not surprisingly, news of this unusual comparison spread like political wildfire, making appearances in both the day's headlines and in Romney’s opponents' remarks. According to CNN,

“Fehrnstrom's comparison of his boss' campaign to a toy tablet ignited a political firestorm. Internet wags imagined Mitt Romney as an Etch A Sketch drawing, while his primary opponents, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, gleefully brandished Etch A Sketches at campaign events.”

In response to this recent influx in coverage, The Ohio Art Company, the brand behind Etch A Sketch, sent out the following statement: 

“Happy to see Etch A Sketch, an American classic toy, is DRAWING attention with political candidates as a cultural icon and important piece of our society. A profound toy, highly recognized and loved by all, is now SHAKING up the national debate. Nothing is as quintessentially American as Etch A Sketch and a good old fashion political debate.”

Though the Ohio Art claims that nothing is as “quintessentially American as Etch A Sketch”,  it’s important to note that in 2000, the company shifted production of this “American”  toy from Bryan, Ohio to Shenzhen, China.

So, rather than debating the merit of the comparison of the Etch A Sketch to Romney’s politics, we would like to DRAW attention to the fact that Ohio Arts halted production of this product in a small Ohio town of 8,000 and shipped it overseas to China.

Sorry, Ohio Art, but there’s nothing “quintessentially American” about outsourcing.

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Anonymous wrote 3 years 18 weeks ago

Etch a sketch debate

Unfortunately it seems that American corporations have made outsourcing and offshoring American jobs as the latest "quintessentially American" business practice. Disgusting.

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