October 21, 2011 Headlines: Federal Loans for Outsourcing, Senate Blocks Jobs Bill, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/21/2011

ABC: An electric car company took a $529 million federal loan, and is building the cars in Finland.

The Hill: Last night the Senate blocked another jobs bill.

Bloomberg: Scranton, PA has been hit hard by the Great Recession, and people aren’t happy with the lack of action on jobs.

AP: People are losing confidence in Obama’s ability to deliver on the economy.

Bloomberg: More on the SolarWorld trade case against China.

AP: Toyota’s factory in Thailand is suspending production, thanks to supply chain problems.

WSJ: Where will the job growth be?

AP: The Cleveland Fed sees a slight recovery, but long-term unemployment still persists.

WSJ: Analysis of the recent trade deals passed by Congress.

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