October 13, 2011 Headlines: Trade Deals Pass Congress, Reactions from China, China's High-Speed Rail, and More

Posted by smorgante on 10/13/2011

NYT: Congress cleared three trade deals last night: Korea, Panama, Colombia.

Bloomberg: U.S. Trade Deficit stays near the four-month low of $45.8 billion ($45,800,000,000).

WSJ: How will China react to the currency bill?

WSJ: Is the Yuan exchange rate giving us hidden messages?

Time: Is the only way to get China to act by moving in secret? Can we no longer pass laws that the Chinese know about?

WSJ: Reactions to China’s shrinking trade surplus.

Infrastructurist: What does China’s high-speed rail say about the nation’s character?

WSJ: More reactions to Mitt Romney’s tough China stance in Tuesday’s debate.

Yglesias: Does Mitt Romney have a secret plan to fix the economy?

WSJ: There are now 4.6 unemployed people per job opening.

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