November 30, 2011 Headlines: Auto Industry Growth, Productivity Up, European Debt Crisis, and More

Posted by smorgante on 11/30/2011

NYT: Economists are predicting that by 2015, we will see a 28% growth in domestic carmaking jobs. 

WSJ: 2011 could be the first year that the United States is a net exporter of petroleum products.

Bloomberg: Productivity rose 2.3% last quarter, but that was lower than expected.

Ezra Klein: The case for extending unemployment insurance.

NYT: The Fed and the ECB are taking action to mitigate the fallout from the European debt crisis.

The Atlantic: How can Europe save itself?

CAF: Another resource for American-made holiday presents.

WSJ: Could the recent gains in consumer confidence be a result of people ignoring Washington?

AP: Car production helped Japan’s economy in October, but the outlook is not so rosy.

Bloomberg: President Obama takes his pitch to blue-collar workers in Scranton, PA.

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