November 22, 2011 Headlines: Romney on China, SuperCommittee Analysis, China Accuses US of Dumping, and More

Posted by smorgante on 11/22/2011

NPR: Will Romney’s tough rhetoric on China survive past the campaign?

The Hill: The SuperCommittee failed. What it means for the country.

WSJ: More on the SuperCommittee.

TPM: Chinese solar companies are now accusing the U.S. of illegal dumping.

NYT: Although China appears to be defusing the solar panel dispute, retaliation might be coming.

WSJ: Nobody knows what the next year will do to the economy.

NYT: Obama and the GOP can both agree on criticizing China’s cheating.

MetalMiner: China has announced their 12th Five-year plan.

WSJ: Is the recent rise in household income the start of a trend, or just a hiccup?  

CAF: Do conservative policies favor China?

WSJ: This holiday season may see higher consumer spending, but that doesn’t tell the full story.

AP: GM will be working with a Chinese company to produce cars in Egypt, for export to China.

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