Mellman: Outsourcing is "the biggest sin in business."

Posted by LDonia on 07/18/2012

Mark Mellman, one half of the polling team behind the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) new national poll, writes in a piece for The Hill, that outsourcing is “the biggest sin in business.”

Mellman cites findings from AAM's poll:

Our survey this year for AAM found the single largest number of voters saying that ending government support for firms moving jobs overseas was “one of the most effective” actions Washington could take to create jobs and improve our economy, ranking far above tax cuts for either the middle class or business.

He also mentions the wide range of support for keeping jobs in the United States, as well as creating new jobs, when wondering whether or not the Senate will pass a bill intended to curb outsourcing.

The Senate will soon be debating a bill that would provide an incentive to companies for every job they bring back to the country from abroad. Eighty-five percent of voters overall, along with an identical 85 percent of Republicans, support this bill.

Will congressional Republicans join their constituents, or thumb their noses at American jobs and at the American people?

To read more about AAM's poll, click here.

1 comment

Anonymous wrote 2 years 31 weeks ago

Republican remark

What's with the snide remark about Republicans? Outsource is a bipartisan issue. Outsourcing should be stopped by any means.

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