May 19, 2011 Headlines: Jobs Coming Back, Made in America at Notre Dame, Mike Coffman on Rare Earths, and More

Posted by smorgante on 05/19/2011

HuffPo: Six emerging economies will account for over half of world economic growth by 2025. Will this end the dominance of the U.S. Dollar?

WE: Jobs that were once shipped to China are now moving back to Kansas.

WSJ: Can you search for pro-democracy websites in China? Apparently not.

Bloomberg: The Fighting Irish are also fighting for American jobs. Nothing in their bookstore is made in China.

OW: Yamaha will begin building its ATVs in Newman, GA.

CNN: It turns out that instead of cutting production costs, worker training is a better way to build our manufacturing economy.

WSJ: According to China, the U.S. is overstating the threat China poses.

WaPo: The WTO has ruled that Airbus receives excessive subsidies from the E.U.,  giving them an unnatural edge of Boeing.

NYT: This year’s college graduates face a bleak job market, and with piling debt, are severely underemployed.

WSJ: GM is increasing the production of the Chevy Volt, an all-electric car. The best part: They’ll be built in Michigan.

Reuters: Will the U.S. gain greater transparency into Chinese companies?

WSJ: Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) wants to know where the rare-earth elements are, and how the U.S. can access these vital components.

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