May 15, 2012 Headlines: NY Manufacturing Up, American See Economic Improvement, Motorcycles Reshored, and More

Posted by smorgante on 05/15/2012

NYT: Economic growth, like much of life in China, is highly regulated by the authorities.

The Hill: President Obama will not be attending an Asia-Pacific trade summit in Russia.

WSJ: Manufacturing in New York is on the upswing.

The Atlantic: The fastest-dying and fastest-growing jobs on the latter 20th Century.

USAT: In a new poll, 58% of Americans see the economy improving over the next year.

LeatherUp: Cleveland CycleWerks is moving motorcycle production from China to Ohio.

AP: Chinese authorities are not responding fast enough to fix structural problems with their economic model.

Bloomberg: Analysis of China’s monetary policies.

NASDAQ: China is looking to nationalize production of rare earth minerals.

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