Luxury European Auto Brands Find U.S. Manufacturing Appealing

Posted by jeckert on 02/10/2011

Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" Super Bowl ad with Eminem wasn't the only auto ad that honed in on American manufacturing.

Surprisingly, European luxury brand, BMW, is now priding itself on its commitment to U.S. manufacturing.

Despite the fact that BMW is a German company, their interest in producing their high-ticket vehicles in America, speaks volumes of their confidence in the American manufacturing industry.

According to Greenville Online, BMW of North America's VP of marketing Dan Creed said the following about BMW's decision to continue to invest in U.S. manufacturing:

Even in the depths of the recession, BMW continued to invest in America, and as the global benchmark for clean diesel technology, we're challenging stereotypes to show our advanced diesels are part of the future.

The BMW spot aired during the Super Bowl highlighted the new clean diesel X3 which will be made in America at a South Carolina plant that will also be producing the X5 and X6 vehicles.

Watch the spot, entitled "Changes" (we sure hope so!) below and read more here. 

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