June 13, 2011 Headlines: Jobs Talk (Where's the Action?), Students Prefer Manufacturing, China Poisons Children, and More

Posted by smorgante on 06/13/2011

WaPo: EJ Dionne says few job creating plans get bipartisan support. (He should read our plan.)

WSJ: Jobs and politics hit the front page of the Wall Street Journal over the weekend.

The President speaks in North Carolina today. The topic: jobs (The Hill).  Senate Democrats say the President needs to do more (The Hill).

WSJ: The head of the President’s jobs council lays out a strategy. Barely a mention of manufacturing from one of America’s leading outsourcers.

Politico: Show me the (green) jobs.

WaPo: Steve Pearlstein says globalization and imports are skewing key data on the economy. We agree.

NYP: Made in NYC?

Bloomberg: Dr. Doom called the first recession. Is he right about an ominous “perfect storm” brewing in the near future?

Zero Hedge: Is QE2 primarily benefiting foreign banks?

India Vision New manufacturing policy to support 100 million jobs. In India. They have a manufacturing policy, we don’t.

Reuters: Lead pollution in China poisons 103 children near a tinfoil factory.

WaPo: Larry Summers: How to Avoid a Lost Decade. (Could have started with a bigger recovery package, which you opposed…)

WSJ: Harvard Business School is graduating more students with manufacturing as an interest, and fewer with financial services. That’s progress.

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