June 11, 2012 Headlines: China Currency Update, Economics and the Election, Trade Deficit, and More

Posted by smorgante on 06/11/2012

NYT: China boosts exports to offset a domestic slump.

The Atlantic: China in 2012 resembles the United States of 2006.

The Atlantic: Why China in 2012 does not resemble the United States of 2006.

WSJ: An interview with James Fallows, author of a new book on China.

The Hill: IMF is softening its stance on China’s currency cheating.

Bloomberg: The recent rate cut in China is a sign of things to come.

WSJ: What’s going on with China’s banks?

WaPo: What’s holding back the recovery?

WSJ: Why did the trade deficit narrow in April?

AP: The economy still has a command over the fall election.

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