July 7, 2011 Headlines: Auto Industry Growth, China Raises Interest Rates, Dems vs. GOP on Infrastructure, and More

Posted by smorgante on 07/07/2011

MSNBC: The auto industry is seeing significant job growth.

Reuters: China claims that it will decrease state support for industries like high speed rail and wind. (We’re not holding our breath here.)

WaPo: Men are faring better in the “recovery” than women. One reason: cuts in state employees impacting women more, and hiring in manufacturing benefiting men.

NYT: Is there a real estate bubble in China?

USAT: China raises interest rates to try to cool inflation. (China could raise the value of the Yuan and accomplish the same thing, by the way.)

WSJ: Infrastructure: Senate Democrats look at keeping funding level for a highway bill; House Republicans propose to cut spending by one-third.

HBR: Manufacturing must be hot: even the elitist Aspen Ideas Festival has a panel on the topic.

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