July 28, 2011 Headlines: AAM's Manufacturing Poll, Romney Takes on Obama on China, and More

Posted by smorgante on 07/28/2011

Politico: AAM’s Manufacturing Poll shows people want manufacturing jobs and don’t see Washington taking any action on that front.

WSJ: Mitt Romney takes on Obama on China’s trade policies.

Reuters: China’s Aircraft Carrier program is worrying her neighbors.

USAT: Another casualty of high unemployment: car sales.

Toledo Blade: According to the Fed, manufacturing growth has slowed.

The Nation: For an eye-opening read, check out the potential for American collapse based on supply chain shocks.

WaPo: The cost of failing to maintain our infrastructure is spiraling upwards.

WaPo: The economy has slowed to a pace less than a crawl, and the potential for catastrophe is huge.

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