July 20, 2011 Headlines: China Currency and U.S. Debt, Another Foxconn "Suicide," and More

Posted by smorgante on 07/20/2011

NYT: How do you run for re-election in a weak economy?

The Hill: The Ways and Means Committee will look at the Value-Added Tax, as part of a plan to tax consumption, not income.

WSJ: China will begin looking for mineral wealth below the sea floor.

What does the potential downgrading of U.S. debt do to China and their currency manipulation? (USAT) As this article puts it, “An undervalued Yuan is the glue that powers the world’s No. 2 economy” (Bloomberg). Meanwhile, China could potentially change the exchange rate again (Bloomberg)  and they’re urging the U.S. to solidify confidence in its debt (Reuters).

Bloomberg: Mitt Romney: job creator or job cutter?

Reuters: Another Foxconn worker supposedly “falls to death” at a plant in southern China.

R&D Magazine: Whistling while you work in Dearborn, MI.

MSNBC: China’s fake Apple Store.

Naked Capitalism: China’s mercantilist economy drives up the trade surpluses of so-called “debtor” nations. 

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