July 14, 2011 Headlines: Clean Energy, Corporations Create Fewer Jobs, Ford May Hire 400, and More

Posted by smorgante on 07/14/2011

Cleveland.com: A Cleveland conference explores opportunities in wind energy manufacturing.

The Atlantic: Leading corporations create far fewer jobs than they used to.

DFP: Ford may be hiring 400 new workers in Wayne, Michigan.

WSJ: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff looks gets a tour of advanced Chinese military equipment.

GE’s Jeff Immelt says they will hire 1000 engineers in the U.S (WSJ). He also says American business leaders should help their own country (USAT).

WSJ: China’s steel industry is contributing to global overcapacity.

Politico: A look at Mitt Romney’s role in mass layoffs of American workers.

WaPo: The Federal Reserve may consider additional fiscal stimulus.

Reuters: China posted a $193 billion fiscal surplus in the first half of 2011.

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