July 10, 2012 Headlines: Slow Economy, China's Luxury Jets, Obama and Outsourcing, and More

Posted by smorgante on 07/10/2012

NC: The economy isn’t creating jobs, and we need serious action.

The Atlantic: China’s demand for luxury airliners is growing.

NYT: Hawker Beechcraft is in talks to sell itself to a Chinese rival.

AP: China’s trade was down in June, and that’s bad news.

NYT: What does deflation mean for China’s economy?

NYT: The GOP hits back on Obama as “Real Outsourcer-in-Chief”.

WaPo: Democrats also are concerned about Obama’s record with outsourcing.

IHT: Pollution in the Pearl River Delta is at historic highs.

WSJ: The hidden good news in last week’s dismal jobs report.

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