January 23, 2011 Headlines: Positive Jobs Trends, China's Pollution, Making iPhones, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/23/2012

Time: How permanent is the recent positive trend for manufacturing jobs?

NYT: What it would take to make the iPhone in America.

Yglesias: Why don’t we let the workers come here to build iPhones?

Politico: The House GOP wants to present a united front on Jobs in 2012. Will it be followed with serious action?

WSJ: China looks to expand their blue water naval capacity.

EE: Why Mitt Romney isn’t a Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Vanderbilt.

WSJ: More (but small) positive signs for the economy.

The Hill: Previewing the State of the Union, tax reform will not feature prominently.

WSJ: Comparing the official Beijing pollution data to measurements at the U.S. Embassy.

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