January 2, 2012 Headlines: Romney Wins Iowa, Obama Talks Economy, Manufacturing Looking Up, and More

Posted by smorgante on 01/04/2012

NYT: Romney wins the Iowa Caucuses by 8 votes.

WSJ: China’s reactions to Iowa.

USAT: Obama takes his economic pitch to Cleveland today, located in the important swing state of Ohio.

Bloomberg: More on the President’s election year strategy.

Paul Krugman: Fact-checking Romney’s claims on Obama’s jobs numbers.

WSJ: An interactive chart on manufacturing activity by country.

DFP: The CEO of Chrysler and Fiat tells Chrysler workers of their successes.

WSJ: China is developing a new type of anti-ship missile that can take out a modern super carrier.

Bloomberg: More troubling signs for China’s economy.

WSJ: Orders are increasing, and that is speeding up factory production.

The Hill: US Manufacturing ended 2011 on a high note.

WSJ: China’s chief regulator says that state-owned enterprises have a “natural monopoly.”

FP: Hu Jintao thinks China is losing the culture war.

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