August 24, 2011 Headlines: Durable Goods Up, Tough Times Ahead, China Currency Update, and More

Posted by smorgante on 08/24/2011

WSJ: A bright spot: durable goods ordered surged in July.

WSJ: But, manufacturing is bracing for tougher times ahead.

Technology Review: Andy Grove says we need to go “all in” for manufacturing.

The Hill: Departing White House manufacturing czar Ron Bloom says the auto rescue was a success. We agree.

Daily Beast: You think we have a debt problem? Check out China.

Project Syndicate: Martin Feldstein explains why China may have no choice but to raise the value of the Yuan.

WSJ: The Pentagon prepares a report on China’s military power.

KJ: New Balance says the military should buy American athletic footwear. We agree.

DoT: Amtrak is buying American.

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