April 26, 2012 Headlines: Fed's April Statement, U.K. Recession, Economics and Elections, and More

Posted by smorgante on 04/26/2012

WSJ: The Fed’s April statement.

The Atlantic: The U.K.’s is entering a double-dip recession, thanks to the Cameron government’s austerity plans.

Krugman:  The subtle austerity of the Obama administration has cost the economy 1.3 million jobs.

WSJ: China’s crackdown on free speech on the internet has taken down another journalist.

The Hill: A poor economic situation this fall would aid the Romney campaign.

NYT: Op-ed on China’s middling growth.

MW: China’s slowing demand is masked by strong domestic manufacturing numbers.

TIME: Orders for durable goods fell in March.

WSJ: Chrome is in at the Beijing Auto Show.

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